Custom 360 Camera


I 3-D printed three different types of 360 camera rig set ups before deciding on the rig you see in the background image. This set up utilizes a "5 & 1"system in which five Go Pro Hero 3+'s are oriented vertically, with one Go Pro Hero 3+ placed horizontally on top of them to capture the sky above. There is a void at the bottom of the camera, which I typically fill in with logos or DSLR images of the scene. 

This set maximizes overlap amongst the cameras and makes stitching the videos cleaner and easier. Losing the bottom is a small sacrifice for improved image quality, especially considering I have to shoot on 960p at either 30 FPS or 60.   

Here is a link I used to print the rig:

Here are the parts required to construct it:

  • (2) M3x35mm Socket Screws
  • (10) M3x12mm Hex Bolt Socket Head Cap Screws
  • (12) M3 Nylon Insert Lock Nuts
  • 1X 3/8" Hex Bolt (For any standard tripod/adaptor)