Why i do what I do

Why I started 5th medium

  • Developed a passion for creating immersive content
  • Wanted to make sure others had an outlet to create immersive content
  • To test ideas and become a source of knowledge in the 360 community

strengths specific to the immersive medium

  • Utilizes space and place 
  • Mimics consciousness better than any other medium 
  • The ultimate "show me, don't tell me" medium 

The difference between 360 video and virtual reality

  • 360 video revolves around presenting information (Has more real estate for information than 2-D video)
  • Virtual reality is about completely immersing the viewer in an environment
  • 360 video requires less emphasis on perspective and user experience

How i utilize the nadir 

  • I add images from the scene to provide another layer to the story
  • Shows the viewer a snapshot of that place in time